Learning Together

Parents are encouraged to assist within the school in many capacities.

These can include the following:

  • Listening to students read at the beginning of the day.
  • Assisting with class cooking or craft activities.
  • Helping in the canteen.
  • Assisting with sports day or swimming carnivals.
  • Becoming a member of the P&C.
  • Volunteer Mentor Program.


Volunteer Mentor Program

Dalyellup Primary School has a volunteer mentor program in operation at the school. Mentors volunteer their time to mentor students who may require some extra adult contact.


Code of Conduct for Volunteers/ Parent Helpers

In order to promote volunteerism in our school, it is essential for all volunteers to adhere to a professional code of conduct. We ask that volunteers subscribe to the following:


Come to school with a positive attitude, one that will say to the children you are working with “You are so special, I’m glad that I have an opportunity to work with you”.


Be reliable. If you have committed to being involved, it is very frustrating to teachers and children if planned activities have to be cancelled due to non-attendance of support.


Your volunteer work should be a learning activity for you. When you have questions about policy and procedures, ask an appropriate person – the teacher or a member of the school’s administration.


Working in classrooms, you will know the children who are succeeding and the children who are struggling. You may find out personal details about children and their families. Remember that any information pertaining to a child or their family must remain in the classroom.


As a school volunteer, you are in a perfect position to support the entire school community both inside and outside of the school. Be positive in your comments about the school and bring issues of concern to the Administration, as the reputation of a school is a fragile and delicate beast.

As a school volunteer, adhering to the Code of Conduct, you will become part of the school team whose goal is to provide opportunities for all children to learn. Be aware that failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct can result in you not being invited into classes.

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